PlatformLaw is a training course in Platform & Data Economy European Legal Framework: platform, data- driven business models, AI and contract automation. It is focused on the analysis of EU law in relation to data and information treatment through a holistic integrated approach, which allows students to comprehend the importance of changes in EU norms on citizens, consumer/customers, business operators and society.

The course is coordinated by Silvia Martinelli and it integrates contract law and comparative law (Cristina Poncibò), legal informatics & data protection (Pierluigi Perri), philosophy of law and technology (Massimo Durante), legal tech and start-up clinic learning (Carlo Rossi Chauvenet) to analyse platform from different perspectives.

For the current academic year (2021-2022), the course is developed in the form of three seminars, which are going to be held in the second semester, while for the following years (2022-2023; 2023-2024) the course is going to be reformed, becoming a unique 6 ECTS course.