The project focuses on platform & data economy legal issue, innovative field attentioned by the European Institutions for the creation of a trustworthy digital economy, with a holistic and integrated approach.

The course is coordinated by Silvia Martinelli and it integrates contract law and comparative law (Cristina Poncibò), legal informatics & data protection (Pierluigi Perri), philosophy of law and technology (Massimo Durante), legal tech and start-up clinic learning (Carlo Rossi Chauvenet) to analyse platform from different perspectives. This approach will help to deeply understand platform challenges and it will stimulate student’s ability to correlate different knowledge and creativity.

The pedagogical methodology of the courses offered by this project includes a combination of high-level theoretical lessons, learner-centered training sessions, pre-reading assignments, self-reflections, group assignments and brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, lectures will actively involve participants in debates between professors and students on the materials uploaded by staff members, beyond the merely “frontal teaching”, and stimulating a dynamic approach to the topics. Furthermore, the learning by doing approach will stimulate participants to critically study the topics offered.